Locksmith Boon Lay

locksmith boon layBoon Lay is one of the planning areas situated in the Western Region. It borders other planning areas like Pioneer on the west, Jurong West on the northern side and Jurong East on the eastern side. On the southern side passes the strait of Selat Jurong. Boon Lay was developed as one planning areas in Singapore by the Urban Development Authority. They were 55 planning areas which were introduced as the main urban development agenda by the Urban Redevelopment Authority. Each planning area including Boon Lay was then guided by a development plan which outlined every single detail for all the plots in the region. Boon Lay and other planning areas were first established in the 1990s when the Concept Plan of the development agenda was first developed, and the implementation process began. Over the years the developments concepts were followed along the borders of the planning areas. Other ministries and other governmental administration departments started to adopt the planning areas for administrative purposes. All the planning areas are also divided further into several subzones for statistical reasons. Boon Lay is subdivided into four zones namely Liu Fang, Shipyard, Samulan, and Tukang.

Liu Fang, a subzone of Boon Lay, is a region within the Ayer Rajah Expressway, Jalan Buroh, the Julong Port Road and Pioneer Road. Liu Fang is well known for the Jurong Bird Park which is located in the region. Itโ€™s the main tourist attraction in Boon Lay. The park is located on the slopes of the Jurong Hill and covers approximately 49 acres of the zone. It is estimated that over 400 species of animals and 5,000 birds including the rare Caribbean flamingoes are available in the park. This makes it the most abundant bird park in the world when considering the bird population in a single enclosure.Samulun is another popular subzone in Boon Lay. It is bounded by Jurong Pier Road, Shipyard Road, Selat Pulau Damar, Jalan Buroh and Tanjong Kling Road. Samulun is well for the offshore island; Pulau Samulun which is less than a kilometer from the mainland. The island is home to the Jurong Shipyard and a favorite food center that serves the workers of the shipyard. The island was once the home to the Orang Laut tribe who were expropriated in 1961 to make way for industrial development of the island. To complete the development of Pulau Samulun a bridge was built in 1964 which linked the island to Jurong Industrial Estate. The island is therefore accessible by road.

Shipyard and Tukang are also subzones of Boon Lay. Shipyard is a zone bounded by Benoi Basin, Shipyard Road, Pioneer Road, Selat Samulun and Tanjong Kling Road. It is well known as an industrial area and can easily be accessed by road. There are several buses which route through the region. Tukang is within the Ayer Rajah Expressway, Corporation Road, International Road, and Pioneer Road North. The notable area in the region is the Tukang Innovation Groove which can be accessed by bus and through underground trains. Boon Lay is a well-planned region which has established towns and a residential neighborhood. It is also home to a great aviary and bird park hence one of the major tourist destinations in Singapore.