Locksmith Sembawang

locksmith sembawangSingapore is made up planning area. Among regions that were developed by the urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is Sembawang. The areas bordering Sembawang region includes; Simpang which is to the eastern side, Yishun found to the southeast, Mandai found to the south and woodlands found to the western side. The region is quite developed and more residential. It is home for major recreational facilities as well as military facilities. Major industries have also found a home in Sembawang. History dating back to the 2oth century depicts the area as home for port facilities. Frequent shipping operations still continues in modern days. The name Sembawang originated from a tree which is majorly found at Sembawang park. The region used to be the site of a rubber estate named Nee soon back in the 20th century. History books record that Sembawang region once served as home to a main British naval base. Construction work to the base begun in the year 1928 and took 10 years to complete.

The base was later handed over to the government of Singapore. The year 1968 saw the Singapore government convert the base into a commercial Docking yard that serves Sembawang today. The base is still under the management of the Singapore government today. The military began shifting their base to the Sembawang region in the year 1940. This was after the completion of the Royal base’ construction. The British military withdrew from Singapore back in the year 1971 when the base was handed over to the Singapore government. Even though this was the case, the British military continued to manage a small portion of the base. This was seen as a special arrangement between the government and the British military.The population of this region is greatly influenced by the developments made there. The region is still advancing in technology.