Four Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scams in Singapore

Locksmith scamming cases have been on the rise with auto and homeowners highly vulnerable whenever they are in emergency situations and need immediate help. Being locked out of your home, or your car is something that will not only ruin your day but also frustrate you to the core and forces you to search for help from any available locksmith. Many people will search online for a reputable locksmith company for their emergencies without considering the possibility of hiring a fake locksmith company that imitates legitimate local locksmith. Q large number of fake locksmiths cannot manage to operate a registered shop and will function from an out of state call center with untrained personnel as their locksmith professionals. Following these four tips will prevent you from hiring an unskilled or scammer locksmith to resolve your locked-out problems.

  1. Always check and confirm locksmith Identification Document and licensure

The first thing you should do whenever the locksmith you have requested arrives is to ask for their identification documents as well as the locksmith license to verify their authentication. Any legitimate locksmith company is Singapore should have an identification document and license as it’s a requirement during company registration. Furthermore, a certified locksmith company should also ask your verification documents to establish you are the real owner of the vehicle or house they are unlocking or changing locks.  Always be careful with locksmith companies who appear in unmarked and unbranded vehicles.

  1. Look for a genuinely local locksmith

Conducting a thorough search of a locksmith company gives you the best odds to determine if they are trustworthy. Search the company’s details including phone numbers to determine their validity. You can also contact them and inquire in detail about their services and their validation. Additionally, you can also check their customer reviews on their websites or other online platforms like social media pages. Trustworthy companies like LS Locksmith Singapore utilizes local Singapore phone numbers as their primary contact numbers and have positive customer’s reviews which showcase their previous successful works. Only consider hiring locksmith companies that will provide legal business names and specific online addresses.

  1. Demand for a cost estimate before real work

Always ensure you get the job estimate before commencing of any locksmith service even if you are in an emergency situation. Never hire locksmith companies that do not provide a job estimate as most of them are fake with little or no information about locksmith services. Most fake locksmith companies will quote low prices when starting the work to bait their clients through the low prices and later increase the prices claiming the work was more difficult and complicated. Professional locksmith companies such as LS locksmith Singapore will provide a cost estimate for your job and only demand to be paid what they estimated even if the task was complicated.

  1. Ask questions to inquire about additional charges and interrogate your locksmith

Most unqualified and scam locksmith companies tend to charge huge amounts for emergencies and mileage. Inquiring about such extra charges before agreeing on the work to be done will help you gauge a real locksmith company from a fake one out there to scam you. Most fake locksmith tend to avoid interrogation and may hang up once you start asking about their location, the services they offer, how they will replace you lock, their mode of payment and if you request for a cost estimate.

Being locked out of your home, your business or your car is a frustrating and annoying ordeal that will surely spoil your day and your moods. You don’t want to get even more frustrated and annoyed by hiring a fake locksmith to fix you locksmith services. Stay awake and follow the above tips to avoid being the next target for locksmith scammers. Always seek the services of professional and certified locksmith companies such as LS locksmith Singapore.